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Agriculture and modern tecnology in Central and Northern Ostrobothnia –project shortly

The primary goal of our Agriculture and Modern Tecnology -project is to strive for profitability, efficiency and sustainability on the farm.

  • Projects aim is to get the latest tecnology to practice
  • Develop agriculture industrys competitiveness
  • Spread knowledge of the latest tecnology of farming
  • Organize practical testing of the newest tecnology by advanced farmers.
  • Present these highly respected user experiences among farmers.
  • Publish testing reports mostly digital but also in printed media.
  • Organize field fairs and smaler events with information and test drives
  • Develop farming tecnology more suitable to project area

Agriculture and modern tecnology –projects area is in southern part of Northern Ostrobothnia and in Central Ostrobothnia. This area is strong in agriculture specified to dairy production. Farmers in this area are young, edjucated, experienced and they are investing to their farms.  The projects aim is to get practical knowledge how the newest tecnology functions in farms and spread the knowledge to bigger area and to the agriculture society in Finland. User experience is very important knowledge when contemplating new tecnology to farms.

Agriculture and modern tecnology –project will organize practical testing among farms with local and edjucated farmers. Tested equipments will be for examble drones, sensors of nutrients and other quatities, automated steering system, cows body condition scoring camera etc. Project will publish testing reports mostly via digital cannels but also in printed media. These reports will help other entrepreneurs in making their decisions.

Mesurements in fields
Project tests and edjucates functions of accessible measuremets devices and sensors in crops and in soil. To link information with weather data will create knowledge about precise needed applications and other farming processes.

Farming logistics
Manure logistics are large in livestock industry. Project introduces ways of transporting manure within case studies in farms. Some economic calculations will be done as well.

Drone tecnology
Project introduces unmanned aerial vehicle technology and its opportunities in agriculture.

Automated Streering System
Entrepreneurs get acquainted to how precisely maneuver their tractor with a hands-free steering system. Also instructed how it functions with implements and automated section control.

Cowhouse tecnology
Project creates platform, where farmer can with one quick look observe locations of animals, about feeding and activity. During project body condition scoring camera will be tested. Comparison of feed mixers will also be done.

Target group: Regions farmers and agricultural society. Also the project is co-operating with an information project for farmers in Central and in Northern Ostrobothnia. Also working close together with agriculture schools in regions.

Project applicant: Rural office of Nivala and neigbourgh communities. Also regional agricultural actors are involved such as Centria (areas University of Applied Sciences), ProAgria of Central Ostrobothnia (Rural Advisory Service), Kpedu (The Federal of Education in Central Ostrobothnia), Jedu (Federal of Education in Souhtern Ostrobothnia). Private sectors costs (which required) are covered by local farmers, Yara, Pohjolan Maito (local dairy purchasing cooperative organisation), Lantmännen and Viljelijän Berner (agricultural traders), DeLaval , and Koneviesti (Finnish machinery magazine).

Funding source: European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

Timing of  the process: years 2019-2021.

Contact information:
Project manager Jari Vierimaa tel. +358 40 344 7256,
Rural chief Hannu Tölli tel.+358 40 344 7255 ,